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Being a part of unique projects always gets the team excited! Designing Escape Room Live in the heart of the fabluous D.C neighborhood of Georgetown was one of these projects! When the client contacted us to work with them on this project we were thrilled and approached in just like any other genre of projects that we encounter. Understanding the concept and ultimately the essence of how guests should feel was critically important to the success of the project.

3345 M St NW Washington DC-print-019-4-Escape Room Live-4200x2800-300dpi

With the location being directly off of M Street, we needed to ensure that our designs could stand their own against world level companies that fill the local streets.


Being a destination location; we wanted to be sure that guests were comfortable and had the opportunity to capture the ever so important social media moment to help with the growth and expansion of this brand!


If you’re ever in the need for help with you project please feel free to give us a call. WE are here ready to help when you need us! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Miami, and abroad for over 35 years!

Bazaar Mar, Noise Reduction, Miami, Florida – Interior Design, Architecture, Construction, VA, MD, DC

Working with superstar designer Phillipe Starck, the Lee Design team was tasked with coming up with a noise reduction design plan to increase guests satisfaction. When thinking about acoustical management the first thing that comes to mind is ugly panels that are obtrusive and stick out like sore thumbs. While they work great, they are in no way acceptable for a high level design project.


Our team had to think outside of the box on this one an come up with ways to shift sound direction, and absorb deflected sounds as best as we could. Our goal was to achieve a sound level of 85db or under and our plan is well on its way of accomplishing that goal.



Noise reduction management is a unique tool that we offer here at Lee Design and Interiors. If your space is in need of a sound consultant feel free to give us a call. We are here ready to help when you need us! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Miami and abroad for over 35 years!

The latest DC Hotspot, Decades Rooftop! Interior Design, Architecture, Construction; VA, DC, MD

After a snowy start to the month Spring has finally arrived. With that comes warmer weather, longer days, and most importantly the launch of our latest project; the rooftop at Decades DC. We have a few sneak peek shots that were taken on a iPhone but you can be sure to expect a full photoshoot once the space is up and running! Working with one of our favorite groups again we collaborating on creating the best rooftop experience in DC.


We wanted to incorporate an open feeling while still being able to incorporate an amazing Funktion One Audio system. This required some smart thinking so that the neighbors would not complain about the noise, which has become a problem for many venues in the city.



The end result is stellar and we know once all of the finishing touches are complete, all party goers will be amazed! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving DC, Virginia, Maryland, Miami and abroad for over 35 years! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Spring is on its way, get ready for some BBQ! Interior Design, Architecture, Construction VA, MD, DC

We’re holding our breath here at the office in hopes of no more snow storms for the year. As I write this the forecast is calling for high 60, even 70 degree temperatures for the remainder of the week. That sounds mighty fine to us. Given the high temperatures, it has us all thinking about firing up the grills and having a fun cookout with friends.


While not as common as other projects we take on, we’ve done a few outdoor kitchen spaces in our time. Much like any other area in your home understanding the functionality and purpose of the space will be sure to create a wonderful environment in the end. Be considerate of the type of cooking you will be doing and of course the types of events if any that will be held in the space. Outdoor cooking spaces have greatly evolved in the last few years and now the chef can have any options he or she may desire in their outdoor space. Refrigeration, water, and of course multiple cooking surfaces are all within the realm of possibility.


Also when designing the outdoor cooking space be sure to incorporate the design of the space into the greater plan of your home. This outdoor area can have seating, unique cooking elements (like this pizza oven), spaces for live entertainment or television sets, or even a highlight of a great view. Your dreams are all possible when planning a outdoor cooking space.


When you’re ready to start planning your outdoor cooking area give us a call. We will be happy to discuss options with you and get you set in the right direction to make your home that absolute castle you have dreamed about! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving DC, MD, VA and abroad for over 35 years!

Restaurant Renovation; VA, MD, DC – Interior Design, Construction, Architecture

Welcome to 2017! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends and have begun the new year with much success! Here at Lee Design we find ourselves taking on many first time restaurateurs as clients. Their unrivaled enthusiasm is contagious and we do everything we can within our power to lead them in the right direction. Our most successful clients in this sector all have one thing in common, they take over an existing restaurant and renovate rather than building everything from new for their first foray into restaurants. While the idea of having all shiny new kitchen equipment is fantastic many first timers don’t realize the cost of acquiring and of course installing them. While selecting a existing restaurant space is by no means a slam dunk or guaranteed direction of success, every keen restauranteur and business person knows a good deal when it comes by them. When involved in restaurant renovation projects we undertake quite a bit of investigative work to ensure anything that is already installed will not fail. Then of course the design and front of house is the same procedure as with any commercial project. Its a process as with anything but often times saves the clients a significant portion of money. Take a look at some pictures from a recent restaurant renovation we undertook.





While taking over an existing space always has its challenges if approached in a selective way and properly planned it absolutely can increase your odds of success! Lee Design and Interiors is here ready to help when you need us!