Multi-Family with a twist! Interior Design, Architecture, Construction: Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida

As summer winds down, we begin the move into the last quarter of the year. School is back in session and many projects that had been tabled for the summer are back on line. Here at Lee Design we find ourselves busy with creating new designs for dated spaces. When a HOA or condo association is looking to refresh a space within their building they often turn to a design firm to help them with the design, and implementation of the project. We at Lee Design are finding that many buildings designed and built in the last 40 years are seeing a unique shift in demographics as original buyers begin to share space with new renters or owners. This wide shift of age ranges coupled with rapid technology changes and a population that is living longer and healthier forces us to quickly embrace new trends but at the same time be cognizant of the timeless elegance that many seek.


Knowing the demographics and background of the building goes a long way. We spend time with our clients to learn beyond what may be apparent at a glance. Our motto here at the office is to “be as if we lived here”. By changing our mindset from a designer to a resident we encourage our staff to create based upon what they would want if they were in the space.


Creating common spaces that work with any style, and that can be considered “good-looking” to a wide range is a key component to a successful multi-family project. We as designers have to take the time to listen, and not be so Diva, that our desires precede the desires of those living in the building. If you find yourself sitting on a design committee or board, feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to answer any questions you many have. Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving the DC Metro and South Florida markets for over 35 years!


Living large in an beachside oasis! Interior Design, Architecture, Construction – Florida, Virginia, Maryland, DC

When asked what would our dream Miami waterfront multi-family residential home would be, I don’t think this rendering would be all too far off! Working with the Related Group on one of their recent projects, the team at Lee Design collectively worked on creating an environment that would host guests and residents in a comfortable, yet sexy outdoor space. Here’s what was created…


Highlighting the unmistakable regional beauty, the team was sure to create spaces that could be quiet enough to enjoy and at the same time instill a sense of the Miami lifestyle that so many have come to love.


We’re very excited to see the final product and share with you our visions. Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving DC, Florida, Virginia, Maryland and abroad for over 35 years! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Outdoor Restaurant Spaces! DC, MD, VA, FL – Interior Design, Architecture, Construction

With Summer 2017 fully upon us, finding an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family is high on many people’s list. No matter what the outdoor space is overlooking, simply being outside creates an atmosphere unto itself unique. Here are a few tips we’ve learned designing outdoor spaces for the hospitality market the last 35 years!

1. Don’t forget you’re in nature! While it may seem obvious anything outdoors has to be made to be able to withstand a different, often uncontrollable environment. Upholstery options need to be able to withstand not only high wear and tear, but also UV penetration and acid rain. Be sure to be mindful of insects and pests. I was once at a restaurant that had outdoor seating next to a canal and they offered bug spray for guests. Good idea, however no one took into account that when sprayed the insect repellant is going to be carried with the wind, right into anything in its path, even another guests recently delivered plate of food, Not good!


2. Take advantage of unique views when you can! There is nothing worse than expecting to have an amazing view only to be blocked by an man-made structure or another guest. Space planning to take advantage of unique outdoors elements, as well as utilizing different shading options can help minimize lost views.


3. Don’t forget about your neighbors! We’ve seen many situations where the neighborhood that hospitality spaces are in begin to receive higher volumes of complaints when the outdoor useable months come around. Going back too good space plans and material selections, keeping in mind special acoustical treatments and sound absorbing materials can help stave off unneeded visits from local authorities or city officials.


As with any project having the right team in place can ultimately change the eventual outcome of the business. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are all here ready to serve you when needed! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida and abroad for over 35 years!

Entertainment Spaces – DC, MD, VA, FL – Interior Design, Architecture, Construction

Being a part of unique projects always gets the team excited! Designing Escape Room Live in the heart of the fabluous D.C neighborhood of Georgetown was one of these projects! When the client contacted us to work with them on this project we were thrilled and approached in just like any other genre of projects that we encounter. Understanding the concept and ultimately the essence of how guests should feel was critically important to the success of the project.

3345 M St NW Washington DC-print-019-4-Escape Room Live-4200x2800-300dpi

With the location being directly off of M Street, we needed to ensure that our designs could stand their own against world level companies that fill the local streets.


Being a destination location; we wanted to be sure that guests were comfortable and had the opportunity to capture the ever so important social media moment to help with the growth and expansion of this brand!


If you’re ever in the need for help with you project please feel free to give us a call. WE are here ready to help when you need us! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Miami, and abroad for over 35 years!

Bazaar Mar, Noise Reduction, Miami, Florida – Interior Design, Architecture, Construction, VA, MD, DC

Working with superstar designer Phillipe Starck, the Lee Design team was tasked with coming up with a noise reduction design plan to increase guests satisfaction. When thinking about acoustical management the first thing that comes to mind is ugly panels that are obtrusive and stick out like sore thumbs. While they work great, they are in no way acceptable for a high level design project.


Our team had to think outside of the box on this one an come up with ways to shift sound direction, and absorb deflected sounds as best as we could. Our goal was to achieve a sound level of 85db or under and our plan is well on its way of accomplishing that goal.



Noise reduction management is a unique tool that we offer here at Lee Design and Interiors. If your space is in need of a sound consultant feel free to give us a call. We are here ready to help when you need us! Lee Design and Interiors proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, Miami and abroad for over 35 years!