The Process

Lee Design Inc. is a full service interior design, architecture, and construction firm. We are a licensed Class A General Contractor, so we are not only capable of coming up with a design, we are also able to carry out the construction and installation of the design in-house.

We provide the following services for commercial and residential clients:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior and Exterior Design
  • Remodeling and Renovations
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Design
  • Space Planning
  • General Contracting
  • Custom Built Furniture and Built-ins
  • Painting
  • Wall-covering
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Lighting
  • Accessories


We have an extensive list of resources and work with an extensive team of contractors that help us with the installations and applications of these services. By utilizing our team of trusted professionals that we know we can count on, our projects run smoothly, are on time and on budget.

Every project follows the same steps:


We’ll work with you to refine your ideas and capture the essence of what you are looking for.

During this meeting, we meet the client at their space and discuss their wants and needs, how they want the space to function, what their lifestyle is like, and so on.  Every client is different.  Some know what they want, others bring us photos and some just describe a vibe.


With client’s needs and wants in mind, we develop a direction for the design.

The designers get together to brainstorm and make the project ideas into a reality.


The designers will come up with specific plans and products for each space.

We start the process by selecting specific resources, design and architectural elements.  We will create a plan for each room and then begin to select actual products from our library of thousands.


We’ll meet with you to show you your ideas brought to life…

We meet with the client to present our ideas, drawings, resources, etc… The designers continue to meet with the client(s) until they are completely pleased.


A final meeting to iron out any remaining details.

During this process we will firm up the items decided upon and any final details needed. The client will also sign approval documentation and/or sign off on any drawings, construction, etc that is to take place. The designers will then start to order items.


Each item is carefully inspected for quality and accuracy.

As most items ordered will be custom designed for your project, we carefully specify details, check and re-check each order.  When the item is received, we thoroughly inspect every aspect of each item to ensure that it has been properly made.


The team works with you to find a convenient time to begin installation.

To ensure that the project is proceeding as planned, we visit the site regularly.  When appropriate, we begin to install and arrange all new fittings and fixtures.  Timelines vary project to project, but we will let you know how long yours will take.


Adding your own unique mark.

We often work with clients in all stages of development to add their own special additions to the space by seamlessly integrating heirlooms, paintings, or other personal and one-of-a-kind items into the design, regardless of whether or not it was designed for such a space.  It’s these treasured items that truly give your space its depth of personality.

The scope of the project determines the fee. Please call us or schedule an appointment to discuss.

Have a question about your project?  Get in touch!